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Reach Your Optimum Potential

What is Optimum College?


Optimum College is a new kind of online, project-based college for the 21st century, designed from first principles to help you reach your optimum potential.


From Isaac Newton, to the Wright Brothers, to Steve Jobs, to Coco Chanel, and countless others, some of the greatest success stories in history came from those without a conventional college degree.


They didn't need a conventional degree; they had a plan, a vision, a project.

To graduate as a Certified Optimist and earn your signed certification, personalized letter of recommendation, and Optimum Podcast episode, all you need to do is complete a suitable plan or project of your choosing. Some people are able to graduate in under a month, and for less than the price of a single textbook at other schools.

To help you complete your plan or project, we have a network of mentors who are active & successful in real world industries, private brainstorming sessions through video-chat, a podcast to help your plan or project reach the world, and what we believe to be the most advanced video-textbook on earth which you can utilize as you see fit, The Optimum Theory of Everything - the first to simulate the 4 forces of physics from 1 equation & much more. Maybe that's why even world-renowned academic & business leader, Dr. Stephen Wolfram, called us, "cool".


Members can also graduate through participation in any of our three Optimum Core projects: Optimum Championship, the first narrative & creator-driven fighting game for virtual reality platforms; FitSports® Optimum Sports Fitness our real-world sports fitness equipment manufacturing company utilized by NFL Super Bowl Champion coaches like Andy Reid, U.S. Military bases, P.E. Teachers of the Year and thousands of active clubs and groups worldwide; and of course, The Optimum Theory of Everything, the first to simulate the 4 fundamental forces of physics from 1 equations & much more. 

So what is Optimum College? Project-based college redefined & optimized, from 1st principles, for the 21st century.


Why does the world need a new kind of college?


Countless voices from across the academic, political, social & economic spectrum are calling for academic reform, Optimum College is answering the call.  


Can you give an example of a public call for academic reform?



Acclaimed academic & theoretically physicist, Dr. Sabine Hossenfelder from the prestigious Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Study, recently called academia "mostly bull****" in a public confession video thumbnail titled, "Why Academia Sucks". Dr. Hossenfelder is not alone, among countless others here is a quote from Forbes columnist Michael Poliakoff: 

"On December 5, 2023, the public, perhaps more than at any prior time, began to fathom just how untethered our institutions of higher learning are from the values America generally endorses. This revelation, as disturbing and stunning as it was, also presents a rare opportunity to reclaim the values our colleges and universities once upheld. It could be the sea change, a chance to arrest the rapid slide toward illiberalism and enforced orthodoxy on campuses, stop the rampant indoctrination of students, wring out the bloat and wasteful spending associated with administrative regimes that police language and thought, fully grasp the urgency of free expression and heterodoxy, and return higher education to its core mission of seeking truth, welcoming all ideas and speech in an open forum, and, above all, teaching and learning unfettered by ideological preference."

The University of Alabama's newspaper, the Crimson White, bluntly wrote, "College is Broken but it doesn't have to be" while highlighting that, among other things, Pennsylvanian recently removed conventional college degree requirements from more than 60,000 government jobs.

The trend away from conventional college degrees is accelerating.


As reported in a recent Newsweek article, "A November (2023) survey of 800 U.S. companies by found that 45 percent of companies will get rid of bachelor's degree requirements for some positions next year, and another recent survey of 70,000 small businesses found that 67 percent of the surveyed employers believe college graduates aren't prepared for the workforce".

Even Elon Musk, the world's richest businessman at time of writing, is on public record saying he does not care about degrees, he cares about ability.

It's an attitude Elon has shared often. Here is a 40-minute supercut of a few of the times Elon has publicly shared his opinion that, "There is no need to even have a college degree - at all". 


Can you expand on this idea that Optimum is a new kind of college?


One of our members recently said, "At other colleges you can ask questions, but only at Optimum College can you question". At other colleges, students face repercussions if they deviate from the curriculum or challenge established norms; however, in today's digital age, where information is readily accessible through the internet and artificial intelligence, emphasis on rote memorization is increasingly outdated, as highlighted in a recent article by the New York Post titled, "How AI Threatens to Make Traditional College Degrees Obsolete".

Optimum College graduates don't just memorize information; they blaze new paths, pioneer, innovate, and optimize. At Optimum College, we don't grade based on memorization or conformity to the instructor's worldview. Instead, our members receive personalized letters of recommendation based on their unique demonstrated abilities.

At Optimum College you have a voice, not just ears, and so we don't have lectures - we have conversations - because the most important & groundbreaking ideas are your own. 


The world is advancing daily, yet other colleges update their curriculum only every 2 to 12 years. At Optimum College we update our curriculum in real-time with the latest advancements and discoveries happening from around the world. This is vital because according to a recent survey of 800 executives, half of all employable skills will not be relevant 2 years from now.

The Optimum College approach is history-making. At Optimum College your ideas are celebrated for their merit - great ideas can come from anywhere - and so we encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and critical evidence-based research & discovery. For these reason, we are proud to announce that Optimum College was the first to simulate the 4 forces of physics from 1 equation, called the "holy grail of science". Our unified physics simulation is open source, hundreds have programmed it for themselves & you can too.

In the 21st century success is earned through ability. All that is required to graduate from Optimum College is the completion of a suitable, self-directed plan or project. It's an idea long past due. As previously mentioned, Elon Musk, the world's most financially successful business leader at time of writing, has publicly said he does not hire based on degrees, he hires based on abilityThat's good business. Many of the world's most successful business leaders, thinkers & doers did not have a college degree. The Wright Brothers did not have college degrees, but they had an airplane. Thomas Edison did not have a college degree, but he had a light bulb. Michael Faraday did not have a college degree, but he was one of the most influential scientists in history - it goes on & on.

It's best to learn from people doing real work in the real world. At other colleges, students learn from professors who have studied the achievements of others, but at Optimum College we encourage our members to study from history's great achievers while also learning from mentors who are active and achieving in the real world today.

Optimum College is a timeless idea at a revolutionary timeEmmy Winner, Derrick Mains, host of The Convergence Podcast, called Optimum College a return to Plato's academic ideals and in many ways that is accurate. True to Plato's ideals, Optimum College is a community of colleagues - not an institute of ivory walls separating professors from students.


The Optimum College approach to academics has earned attention. At time of writing, Optimum College is the most followed college on the world's fastest growing social network, with tens of thousands of followers and millions of views, likes & shares.

In many ways Optimum College is already leading academia, and we are just getting started. 



What successes have been achieved by the Optimum College approach to academics? 

Because of our status quo defy approach to research & discover, Optimum College was the first to simulate the 4 forces of physics from 1 equation, i.e. unified physics, "the holy grail of science", i.e. "the source code of the universe". Even acclaimed academic & business leader, Dr. Stephen Wolfram, called our unified physics simulation cool.

Optimum College was the first to theorize a universal principle of optimization that simulates the abiogenic origin of life & all complex matter: a revolutionary concept that went viral on social media, earning millions of views, before being endorsed years later by older, more "established" academic institutesOptimum College was the only academic institute to predict the "universe breaking galaxies" discovered by the James Webb Space Telescope. Optimum College was the first academic institute, to our knowledge, to present a roadmap to artificial general intelligenceThose are a few of our achievements in STEM.

In the arts, our Optimum Studios developed the premiere 1v1 fighting game for virtual reality platforms: Optimum Championship.

In health, sports & fitness, our Optimum Sports Fitness program designed, developed & manufactures real-world sports fitness equipment utilized by NFL Super Bowl Champion coaches like Andy Reid, P.E. Teachers of the Year, U.S. Military Bases, Olympic athletes and thousands of schools, clubs & active groups worldwide.   

Our successes at Optimum College are ongoing.    


How is Optimum College able to produce high-level graduates in under a month for less than the price of just the textbooks at other colleges?


There was a time when it took months to travel the world by horse & boat - now it takes hours by plane. It took days to send a letter by truck - now you can send an email in seconds. It took hours to search for answers at the library - now answers come as quickly as you can type an online query. It seems like technology is making everything faster, more affordable & more efficient - everything except for conventional college.


You can graduate from Optimum College in under a month and for less than the cost of textbooks at other colleges, thanks to advanced technology and our willingness to challenge the status quo. In fact, in this era of technological revolution, challenging the status quo was necessary.


With all of the world's information at our fingertips and drawing inspiration from history's greatest achievers, we've learned that a well-developed plan or project is the key to success. All that is required to graduate from Optimum College is a suitable, self-directed plan or project. To help you complete your plan or project we offer what we believe is the world's most advanced curriculum which you may utilize as you see fit, private video-chat brainstorming sessions, secure & private forums, and our network of mentors who are achieving in real-world industries.


We call our graduates "Certified Optimists" complete with certificate and personalized letter of recommendation, and our Optimum Podcast & network of mentors can help you present your ideas, plans & projects to the world.

Our approach to academics is simple, efficient, affordable & logical. Our approach is Optimum.


Does Optimum College own what I create at Optimum College?


No. Unlike other colleges that own and profit from your innovations, you have full ownership over everything you create at Optimum College, including your self-directed plan or project.  


Who founded Optimum College & why?


Optimum College was founded by Garrett "Gary Lee" Lee Lebby, an award-winning public education applied STEM curriculum director. Gary was inspired to found Optimum College during the 2019-20 lockdowns after watching a TED Talk that encouraged the development of new academic models, and contemporary developments have only underscored the need for academic reform.


Can you walk me through how Optimum College works from sign-up to graduation? 


After paying for membership you will receive a welcome email with detailed instructions & receive immediate access to the two, private pages on this website, our Conversations page where we post our regular video-chat discussions, and the complete Optimum Theory of Everything page where you can stream our exclusive video-textbook.


Clicking on the Conversations tab will take you to a calendar to schedule a time to video-chat with Optimum College founder Gary Lee: select a date & time that works with your schedule. 

Video-chat conversations with Gary are usually between 1 and 2 hours. Gary will ask you to introduce yourself, and you & Gary will discuss how to reach your optimum potential through a plan or project including a roadmap to completion. You can see a rubric to help you develop your plan or project, here. Gary might suggest you work with our network of mentors to complete your plan or project, but working with a mentor is not necessary to graduate. You never have to agree with Gary during your conversation, and you are even welcome to argue against his ideas & suggestions. 


Video-chat conversations are recorded to use in your voluntary Optimum Podcast episode, but no part of your conversation will be released without your permission.

After your first conversation with Gary, you will work on your plan or project, and when it is completed you will use the calendar on the Conversation's page to schedule a follow up conversation with Gary where he will determine if your plan or project is worthy of the name Optimum or if it needs revisions. Optimum College is not pass / fail, and you can take as long as you need to complete your plan or project.

Our member projects have included successful businesses, albums, podcasts, computer programs, outstanding athletic achievements & much more. What you choose as your plan or project is up to you, as long as it helps you reach your optimum potential and brings value to yourself & the world. Your plan or project can even be something that you have already completed before joining Optimum College.

After your plan or project is complete, you will be made a Certified Optimist of Optimum College complete with a signed certification, personalized letter of recommendation, and with your permission your recorded conversations will be edited into an Optimum Podcast episode so that you can share your plan or project with the world.  


Can my plan or project be completed as part of a team? 


Yes. Your contributions