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Optimum College is a 21st century, project based college. All that is required to graduate as a Certified Optimist of Optimum College is the completion of a suitable plan or project. In addition to our member projects, Optimum College has three core projects that any of our members can participate in representing the ethos of innovative mind, artistic heart & athletic body.    

Introducing our advanced, exclusive video-textbook, The Optimum Theory of Everything: the first to simulate the 4 forces of physics from 1 equation, first to theorize a fundamental principle of optimization resulting in life & complex matter, the only academic institute to predict the "universe breaking" results of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), the first, to our knowledge, to present an academic roadmap to Artificial General Intelligence & more. This video is an introduction: The complete 2-hour video textbook, The Optimum Theory of Everything, is exclusive for our members, here.  

Optimum Championship

What if a video game could be more than a game? Optimum Championship, developed at Optimum College, is the premiere 1v1 fighting game for VR platforms, featuring real-world creators playing the myths and legends of every timeline. More than a game, Optimum Championship is a "mythopunk" saga exploring the most advanced, theoretical & futuristic ideas brainstormed at Optimum College. Infinite fractal universes, mind uploading, multiverses, time travel, simulation theory: you will find these concepts & more in Optimum Championship, all told through the groundbreaking medium of virtual reality & the genre of 1v1 combat. 

Optimum Sports Fitness

The Optimum Sports Fitness philosophy is simple: optimal physical fitness is best achieved through sport, because sport is the closest proximity to our evolved fitness purposes as hunter-foragers. Optimum manufactures consumer, American-made sports fitness equipment through our company, FitSports® Optimum Sports Fitness, utilized by NFL Super Bowl Champion coaches like Andy Reid, P.E. Teachers of the Year, U.S. Military Bases, Olympic athletes and thousand of schools & active groups worldwide. All equipment seen in this video was designed, developed & manufactured by Optimum. 

Optimist Projects

All that is required to graduate from Optimum College is the completion of a suitable plan or project. What you choose is up to you, as long as it helps you reach your optimum potential by providing value to yourself & others. Previous optimist projects have included businesses, albums, podcasts, programs, even outstanding athletic achievements. In this online world with all human knowledge at your fingertips you know best what to do to reach your optimum potential, we simply serve as a think-tank, brainstorming center, ally & collaborator to help you achieve success. That's college for the 21st century. That's Optimum.     

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