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Optimum mentors help us see the world from new perspectives & unlock doors to our optimum potential. Below are a few of the inspiring individuals who have guided, taught & mentored us at Optimum College. Our network of mentors are not employed by Optimum College: they choose who they agree to communicate with, advise & work with. Working with a mentor is not a requirement of graduation from Optimum College, but for the right person it can make all the difference. 

Derrick Mains

Derrick Mains, an Emmy Award-winning business leader, podcast host, author, and optimization consultant, has revolutionized process engineering, transformation & optimization across diverse industries. With over two decades of experience spanning 150 companies, Mains integrates essentialism with human-centric design. Derrick also produced and hosted the TV show, "Riding Phat" that chronicled the rise of electric scooter brand Phat Scooters.  

Anastasia  Rjanov

With a distinguished background in copywriting and marketing for brands like Coca-Cola, BMW & L'Oréal, Anastasia has collaborated with some of the world's biggest brands, showcasing her creativity and strategic thinking. Beyond her corporate success, Ana is the founder and host of the InSanity Podcast, where she has engaged in insightful & philosophical conversations with some of today's most influential creators.

Kim Chayka

Kim Chayka, the former CEO and current owner of the Academies of Math and Science (AMS) a charter of 10 brick-and-mortar schools across Arizona, and Co-Founder of AMS Impact Group, is a seasoned leader known for his remarkable achievements in scaling educational success. Under his leadership, AMS experienced 20-fold growth, expanding from 40 to 800 employees and boosting annual revenues to nearly $100 million from $5 million 

Joli Artist 

Author of So You Are Living in a Simulation, and host of the Your One Black Friend Podcast, Joli is a multi-talented podcast host, author, artist and photographer with over 300 thousand followers across social media. Known for her unique blend of philosophy & futurism, Joli is a brilliant and forward thinking creative force who brings a light touch to some of the deepest questions & concepts in the universe - and beyond.    

Ty Gay

Ty Gay, the 13th American Blackbelt from the Gracie Academy, is the owner of Red Line Jiu-Jitsu & lead singer in world-touring rock band, Everybody Panic!. Ty has served as a mentor to Tool leader singer, Maynard Keenan, and to gyms that have trained professional fighters such as Mike Tyson. Ty's dedication to both his craft & mentorship exemplifies his commitment to excellence both on and off the mat & stage.

Ana Roman

Ana Roman, known globally by her stage name Skulptor, is a dynamic force in the electronic music scene as a DJ, producer & label owner. As founder of Fokus Global, Ana has cultivated a platform for emerging talent while making waves with her own innovative sound. Ana's influence extends beyond the studio and stage, as she shares her expertise as a professor of music at schools such as NYU. 

Ryan Rossi

Ryan Rossi is the innovative mind behind Foldum Corp, a groundbreaking enterprise specializing in portable & affordable shelters catering to diverse needs such as mass care units, emergency relief efforts, temporary accommodation solutions, and aiding the homeless population among other vital initiatives. Before establishing Foldum Corp, Ryan Rossi showcased his expertise as the Vice President of ALR Construction, the Founder of Rawsea Media & co-founder of Immunity Systems Inc (ImuniSys). 

Maureen Nwokobia

As the CEO of Maufire, Maureen Nwokobia stands at the forefront of the beauty and wellness industry, pioneering advancements in skincare, cutting-edge hair treatments, precision injectables, and successful weight management solutions. With a keen focus on innovation and excellence, she steers a team of passionate professionals towards delivering transformative & aesthetic results. Through her leadership, Maureen empowers people to embrace their beauty and confidence on a journey to look and feel their best.

St. Finnikin

Through his boundless creativity as a musician, sound engineer, videographer, photographer and visual artist, St. Finnikin has earned over half a million followers across social media. At the heart of St. Finnikin's allure lies his self-produced, rich, holistic soundscapes which serve as portals to otherworldly realms of emotion and imagination. With a keen ear for harmony and rhythm, he orchestrates sonic tapestries that transcend music, inviting listeners on transformative journeys of introspection and wonder.

Suni Sonqo 

Modern day renaissance man and member of the Quechua Nation of Peru, Suni Sonqo Vizcarra Wood, is a multifaceted & multitalented sculpture, mixed media artist, musician, martial artist and filmmaker. Suni's work wields history, dignity & collective destiny, exploring new ways of seeing & understanding while exploring the balance between being immersed in a world of modernity while honoring ancestral roots.

Dietrich Thompson

As the founder of Artifex Soul, Dietrich Thompson draws on his background as a consultant for Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and T-Mobile to elevate leaders & optimize team effectiveness. Thompson brings a wealth of strategic insight to his ventures, driving innovation and growth. Beyond the boardroom, Dietrich captivates audiences with soulful melodies as a musician and imparts wisdom as a children's book author.


With nearly a billion streams of his music across all platform, Luke Terkovich, aka Abstract, journeyed from freestyling in high school to crafting intricate lyrics, soundscapes & music videos that provide an outlet for life's challenges. Renowned for his lyrical versatility and engaging flow, Abstract's fan base spans the globe. Not just a musican, Abstract is also an accomplished short film maker and apparel designer through his brand Moon 52. 

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