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Optimist Project Rubric

All that is required to graduate from Optimum College is the completion of a suitable plan or project of your choosing. What makes a plan or project suitable for Optimum College? Your plan or project must help you reach your optimum potential; it must be legal; and, it must provide value to yourself & others. Your plan or project is not "pass or fail" - you can continue working on it until it's optimal. We are always available to help you brainstorm and determine what plan or project is a good fit. Furthermore, to help you develop your plan or project we have created the following rubric. 


Is the project clearly defined? Does the project address a specific challenge or opportunity? Is there a clear vision of how the project will bring value to yourself & others?



Is the project realistic and achievable? Is there evidence of adequate resources (time, skills, budget, etc.) to accomplish the project? Are potential obstacles identified, and is there a plan to overcome them?



What value does the project provide yourself & others? Does the project have the potential to positively influence others or the community? Is the project the optimal use of your resources?


Is there a detailed plan outlining how the project will be executed & what resources will be re? Are milestones and deadlines clearly defined? 





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