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QUESTION: What is Optimum College?

ANSWER: Optimum College is an online academic institute founded by Gary Lee, previously an award-winning public education applied STEM Career & Technical education curriculum & athletics director. Gary was inspired to found Optimum College by a TED Talk that encouraged the development of new, modern schools. Optimum College is a college in the original definition of the word, "an organized body of colleagues engaged in a common pursuit". Our common pursuit is to reach our optimum potential. 

QUESTION: What does your logo represent?

ANSWER: People see all kinds of things in our logo. Some think it looks like Link's Triforce from The Legend of Zelda, others think it looks like the Pyramid of Giza (complete with its 3 main chambers), some think it looks like the Eye of Providence found on U.S. currency, others think it looks like Jay-Z's Roc-Nation hand symbol... the truth is much more boring. Our logo is a mathematical algorithm: it's a pattern that can be extended forever that creates an infinite series of plus signs, and smaller downward pointing arrows always subsumed by the larger upward pointing arrow. It's math, but it's also a metaphor. Your positively can create a chain-reaction that ripples outward forever, and the pessimism, the negative forces in your life, will always be less than your optimism. What's remarkable is that this algorithm, sometimes called Sierpinski's Triangle after the famed mathematician, appears all over in the world of mathematics. Here is an example, but there are many others: . Fun fact: our logo was liked by acclaimed academic Dr. Stephen Wolfram during a live webchat!  

QUESTION: How do I graduate from Optimum College? 


ANSWER: To graduate from Optimum College you must prove your understanding of The Optimum Theory of Everything (included with membership) & complete a self-directed project aligned with your personal goals. Graduation can take less than a month, or years, depending on the member's drive & ability.   

QUESTION: Are there any hidden or extra costs required to graduate?

ANSWER: No. Your membership fee is the only cost at Optimum College.

QUESTION: Can you break down the process of graduating from Optimum College step-by-step?


  1. After you join Optimum College you will have access to the College page of our site where you will find our 2-hour video-textbook, The Optimum Theory of Everything. From there, watch & understand The Optimum Theory of Everything: your agreement with the theory is never required - only your understanding is required.

  2. Use the scheduler on the College page to schedule a time to video-chat with Optimum College founder, Gary Lee. 

  3. During your vide-chat with Gary Lee, you will prove your understanding of The Optimum Theory of Everything through conversation. Your understanding is not "pass-fail", and you can keep conversing until you understand the theory, and set up additional conversations if necessary. During the conversation, Gary will also ask you about who you are, your skills, ambitions, and about what you can do to complete your Optimum Project. 

  4. Post a verified, self-directed Optimum Project to our private forum in the form of documentation, pictures or video of your project, or links to it. You can also privately email us your project documentation.  

  5. If your talk & project are representative of your optimum potential then we will make you a college graduate of Optimum College, complete with a signed Certified Optimist certification and a personalized letter of recommendation from Optimum College founder, Gary Lee. 

QUESTION: What can be my self-directed Optimum Project? 

ANSWER: Your project can be anything that helps you reach your optimum potential. It can be a work of engineering or programming, a work of art, a business plan, past projects or employment successes, even an outstanding athletic achievement. Simply: we don't just want you to tell people what you are capable of, we want you to show them. 

QUESTION: Can you give examples of previous projects? 

ANSWER: Sure. We call these projects Optimum Projects, and our unified physics simulation started as an Optimum Project. Another Optimum Project produced a groundbreaking virtual reality locomotion system that solved "vr motion sickness". An Optimum Project even produced a successful American manufacturing company that has manufactured & sold sports fitness equipment to NFL Super Bowl Champion teams, US Military bases, PE Teachers of the Year and thousands of schools and active groups worldwide. Every Optimum Project is unique, and yours can be virtually anything you want it to be as long as it positively moves you toward reaching your goals & optimum potential.

QUESTION: Does Optimum College own what I create at Optimum College?

ANSWER: No. You have full ownership over everything you create at Optimum College, including your self-directed project.  

QUESTION: What is the Optimum College conduct policy?

ANSWER: Optimum College members must be high school graduates. Members are required to follow U.S. law and not be a danger to themselves or others to maintain membership. Members are required to uphold any non-disclosure agreements they might be under; simply, Optimum College is not a place to share your company secrets. The Optimum Theory of Everything video-textbook, and anything posted to our forum, is copyright and cannot leave Optimum College without permission from the post creator(s).

QUESTION: Can I cancel my Optimum College membership at anytime? 

ANSWER: Yes. You can cancel by logging in, clicking on your profile and selecting the "cancel membership" option. You can also email us and we can cancel your membership for you.  

QUESTION: What is included with membership to Optimum College?

ANSWER: Membership to Optimum College includes the following:

  • Our 2+ hour video-textbook, The Optimum Theory of Everything.

  • Zoom conversation with Optimum College founder, Gary Lee.

  • Our private podcast with guests from diverse fields & backgrounds.

  • Our private members forum.

  • Our Certified Optimist program.

QUESTION: Is Optimum College on social media?

ANSWERYes. Our work has earned us hundreds-of-thousands of follows, likes & joins, including by some of the world's most talented & renowned scientists, engineers, artists, influencers & educators. 

QUESTION: Is Optimum College really the first to simulate the 4 forces of physics from 1 equation? 


ANSWER: Yes. Here is a video explaining our groundbreaking method, and like everything at Optimum College, this is theory: questions & debate are welcome.

The Optimum Unified Equation
Play Video

QUESTION: Can you summarize The Optimum Theory of Everything?

ANSWERED: The Optimum Theory of Everything covers unified physics (the source code of the universe), the origin of life, the algorithms of consciousness & artificial intelligence, advanced socio-economic theories, advanced technologies and much more. Like everything at Optimum College, it's theory and agreement is not required to maintain your membership: questions & debate are welcome. 


QUESTION: Is The Optimum Theory of Everything peer reviewed?

ANSWERED: Yes. Like Charles Darwin who sold his On the Origin of Species (the theory of evolution), through bookshops to be reviewed by the general public, we publish our theories to be peer reviewed by anyone, from the academic elite to everyday people, and the outline of our theories are generally available to the public on our social media. Thousands have offered their review, many resulting in corrections to our theories, and hundreds have reproduced our unified physics simulation and you can too. Arguably the world's most respected, accomplished & successful mathematician, theoretical physicist & software engineer, Dr. Stephen Wolfram, called our unified physics simulation, "cool" during a live webchat (& he also liked our logo which was inspired by his book A New Kind Of Science). We find that our "open source" approach is the fastest, most efficient & most effective way to improve and evaluate our theories and has resulted in us being the first to make many groundbreaking discoveries and predictions. Optimum College is the first, to our knowledge, to simulate the 4 forces of physics from 1 equation; the first, to our knowledge, to explore computational cell simulations that have proven the capability of reproduction; the first, to our knowledge, that predicted the "unexpected" James Webb Satellite data; the first, to our knowledge, that predicted the "unexpected muon g-2 results"; the first, to our knowledge, to predict "infinite particle rebirth and decay"; one of the first, to our knowledge, to theorize dark matter as a kind of "superfluid"; the first, to our knowledge, to predict the model of computation now commonly called "wafer-scale"; and among the first to predict the framework toward AGI taken by companies such as TESLA  Artificial Intelligence. Our research at Optimum College advances daily, in real-time, to be either confirmed or reformed by contemporary developments.

QUESTION: Can I sample The Optimum Theory of Everything?

ANSWERED: Yes. Below you can find clips from the first 17 minutes of the 2+ hour Optimum Theory of Everything. These clips are representative of the quality of the entire 2-hour video-textbook. You can find several other clips on our social media feed.   

QUESTION: How long did it take to produce The Optimum Theory of Everything?


ANSWER: This edition took approximately 2-years to produce and approximately 10-years to research.

QUESTION: Is Optimum College accredited?

ANSWER: Similar to Princeton's prestigious Institute for Advanced Study (where Albert Einstein taught) We do not offer traditional degrees which is a requirement of accreditation & so Princeton's prestigious Institute for Advanced Study is not accredited, and neither are we.  

QUESTION: Is employment guaranteed for those who graduate from Optimum College?

ANSWERA Certified Optimist forges his or her own path which may or may not lead to employment.  

QUESTION: I have more questions...

ANSWERContact us