ANSWER: OPTIMUM COLLEGE (formally OPTIMUM Academic Institute) is an online, adult (18 years & older) academic institute founded originally as an experimental project during the 2020 lockdowns by Gary Lee, a former public education school applied STEM curriculum & athletics director for over 10 high schools in Arizona. Gary was inspired by TED Talks that encouraged the development of new academic models. The idea is simple: to study, discuss & explore new developments in the sciences, philosophy, arts, fitness & athletics as they happen in real-time using the tools available through the connected internet. The idea is timeless: OPTIMUM COLLEGE is fundamentally inspired by Plato's original Academy reimagined for the online age, a place for adults to study, discuss & explore "Life, the Universe & Everything" as the author Douglas Adams (Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy) famously put it. OPTIMUM COLLEGE offers a single certification, Certified Optimist, earned by understanding our advanced curriculum & through proof of Optimum Ability; our Optimist Certification is non-transferable and offers no promise of future employment. OPTIMUM COLLEGE limits itself to 1,000 members; if the "Join OPTIMUM COLLEGE" button is visible on our homepage then there is still room for you.  

QUESTION: How does OPTIMUM COLLEGE work? What is it like to be a member?


ANSWER: If "traditional" education was designed to mirror the WW2 era factory economy, then OPTIMUM COLLEGE is designed to mirror the modern economy. OPTIMUM COLLEGE offers private, daily Zoom discussions, guest speakers, and an advanced curriculum that we call "The Optimum Theory of Life, the Universe & Everything" in honor of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy author Douglas Adams. Members who can prove understanding of our advanced curriculum through Zoom conversation(s) & provide proof of Optimum Ability will become a Certified Optimist of OPTIMUM COLLEGE. Optimum Ability can be proven in many ways - through writing, game development, engineering, programming, dance, athletics... The idea behind the Optimum Ability proof is to mirror the hiring standard at many modern companies such as SpaceX which are forgoing traditional resumes, diplomas and cover-letters with a simple question, "what is your proof of ability?". Optimum Ability can also be proven by collaborating with our growing network of professional creators, movers & shakers, or by contributing to official Optimum Projects such as Optimum Studios, Optimum Athletics, the Optimum App & the Optimum Simulation. Any profit made from official Optimum Projects are split equally 1,000 ways between our members as long as they retain their membership at OPTIMUM COLLEGE - there is no guarantee of profitability & profitability should not be the purpose of joining OPTIMUM COLLEGE; simply, the idea is to mirror a modern horizontally structured business (such as Valve). We asked ourselves, "what is better than studying game or app design, etc...?", actually designing a game or app, and if that game or app is successful then our members deserve to be compensated, we are all adults at OPTIMUM COLLEGE after all. 

QUESTION: Can you tell me about official Optimum Projects?

ANSWER: Some official Optimum Projects include Optimum Championship which is the first traditional fighting game announced for Virtual Reality development (Meta Quest), Optimum Athletics which is an American sports equipment manufacturer & fitness sports program utilized in the NFL, Optimum App which is a next generation social app designed to get people away from their phones & computers through shared localized real-world interests & events, Optimum Gum which is - to our knowledge - the world's first gourmet chewing gum made with real, all-natural fruit, beeswax & ingredients rather than rubber derivatives, Optimum Clubs & Centers which are real-world fitness clubs designed around sports rather than weights & treadmills. Development on official Optimum Projects is ongoing.     

QUESTION: What is The Optimum Theory of Life, the Universe & Everything?


ANSWER: The Optimum Theory of Life, the Universe & Everything is a 2.5 hour multimedia curriculum presenting our work so far. As the name suggests it is theory and may be wrong in part or total, but we do our best to get it right. The centerpiece is The Optimum Simulation, which is - to our knowledge - the first time that the four forces of physics have been simulated from one equation. The Optimum Simulation is real, hundreds have programmed it for themselves and we can teach you how. The Optimum Simulation does more than simulate physics, its algorithm self organizes into complex cell-like structures that have proven the capability for simulated reproduction, i.e. abiogenesis. We then used those first principles to build a roadmap to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and much more. If this sounds like a lot, maybe that's because it is & why OPTIMUM COLLEGE has attracted attention from some of the world's best & brightest, but positive attention can also attract "trolls" who we ignore. If you have any doubts about the credibility of our academic institute or leadership you can always contact us & no questions are off the table.

QUESTION: What does the OPTIMUM COLLEGE logo represent?

ANSWER: The OPTIMUM COLLEGE logo is the "cap stone" of an infinite mathematical pattern called a cellular automaton. This particular pattern generates an infinite series of plus signs which ties into our name Optimum -> optimists -> positive outlook. Our logo was Liked by Dr. Stephen Wolfram who conducted groundbreaking work on the study of cellular automaton patterns.      

QUESTION: Why does OPTIMUM COLLEGE cost money? 


ANSWER: There are many costs associated with operating OPTIMUM COLLEGE. All academic institutes, journal subscriptions, online communities, textbooks, etc... have costs associated, and so do we. We are not publicly funded and so we have to charge a membership fee. Scholarships may be granted on a request basis and at our discretion. Reach out to us if you have any questions.

QUESTION: What does OPTIMUM COLLEGE do with the money it makes?

ANSWER: Membership dues earned by OPTIMUM COLLEGE are allocated toward our mission of improving (optimizing) the understanding, health, happiness & success of humanity through the study, discussion & application of the sciences, philosophy, arts, fitness & athletics. A percentage of each membership due is redistributed to one other member (a designated sponsor) who is not our founder, Gary Lee. Profit generated by official Optimum Projects is split equally 1,000 ways and shared by our membership - profit from official Optimum Projects is not a guarantee and should not be the reason for joining OPTIMUM COLLEGE. Virtually all colleges & universities have a policy of sharing profit generated from intellectual property developed at their academic institutes, and we are no different: Google "College / University intellectual property" for countless examples. We do not take any revenue or profit from our members' Optimum Ability proofs.    

QUESTION: Can you tell me about your Optimum Sponsor program?

ANSWER: A percentage from every membership due is given to one other member (a sponsor). Currently this amount is $10, per member, per month. The idea is that by giving each member a sponsor they become stakeholders in our program. Members choose their own sponsor, and if they do not choose a sponsor then a sponsor is designated to them. Our founder, Gary Lee, cannot be chosen as a sponsor. Sponsors can change on a monthly basis to incentivize positive engagement. More than one member can choose the same sponsor. Our sponsor program is designed to mirror the Creator Incentive program at sites like YouTube or TikTok where positive contributors are rewarded for their contributions; simply, positive contributors at OPTIMUM COLLEGE can be rewarded by becoming sponsors.   

QUESTIONS: I have more questions...

ANSWER: Contact us