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     An Introduction to the Optimum Theory of Life, the Universe & Everything is the first 16 minutes of our revolutionary exploration of the first principles of the natural, material universe: unified physics, biological systems, cognition / A.I, socioeconomic systems, advanced technologies, everything in-between & much more! Members are encouraged to contribute, correct, discuss & debate Optimum Theory which we update & improve continuously to keep pace with our rapidly changing world. Members who can prove understanding - but not necessarily agreement - of Optimum Theory may be certified as Optimists of the Optimum Institute for Advanced Study during our regular zoom chats.         

Theory of Everything first 16 minutes (071421)
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The Optimist 2h
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     Presenting the 2-hour main course of The Optimum Theory of Life, the Universe & Everything. The ideas in Optimum Theory are far out, and you never have to agree with any of it to remain a member at Optimum Institute; however, if you are able to understand what is being presented (even if you disagree with it) you can prove your understanding to Gary during our regular Zoom chats to become a Certified Optimists of the Optimum Institute for Advanced Study, complete with certificate.  

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     Optimum Institute director, Gary Lee, hosts a group Zoom video-chat at 8am United States PST, Monday through Friday.  If you would like to Zoom at a different time please reach out to Gary either here on our message-board or through our email contact link. We upload Zooms to our message board, below. 

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     Our Zoom chats are only for an hour or two most days, but our Discord is non-stop! You can think of Discord as like a continuous gathering where you can drop in at any time. Discord provides the tools for text, voice and video chat between Optimum Institute members, at any time. 

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