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Notes & Corrections to the Optimum Theory of Everything

     The "Theory of Everything" is an academic concept that dates back to Plato. In academics "theory of everything" has a specific meaning referring to a theory for the fundamental equation(s) of material reality.

     The Optimum Theory of Everything could be wrong in part or total, and members of OPTIMUM Academic Institute are never required to agree with the theory. The Optimum Theory of Everything has been revised many times and it could be revised many more. If you find error in the theory please reach out to us and we can make corrections.  

     Occasionally online trolls will think they can change the Optimum Theory of Everything through harassment or insults. That's not how science works. We only change the theory for logic, reason & evidence. 

     The Optimum Theory of Everything video was last updated in 2019, and updating the video takes time. In between updates you can find notes and corrections on this page when applicable. 

     Gary Lee, Founding Director 

     OPTIMUM Academic Institute 

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