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     OPTIMUM ATHLETICS develops world class sports & fitness products and programming that have been utilized by NFL Super Bowl Champion Teams, US Military Bases, PE Teachers of the Year & thousands of schools, camps & active groups worldwide. Five of our most innovate product developments are currently made in the USA by FITSPORTS®.

     Participation in OPTIMUM ATHLETICS is voluntary for our membership at Optimum College, and can involve product development, marketing, program development & event planning and directing. The video seen here was recorded at events organized by Optimum College members using equipment developed by Optimum College members. 

Optimum Athletics
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     Plato, the world's first academic, was not just a philosopher he was an athlete; Plato believed that true strength was the strength of mind and body. Optimum Athletics is a philosophy that athletics is the pinnacle of physical fitness, and so athletics should be accessible, scalable & inclusive while remaining competitive & engaging. We've already gotten a lot of work done at Optimum Athletics and in the days, months & years ahead we plan on going bigger & bolder: we are optimistic that you'll join us :-)

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