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     Introducing OPTIMUM Championship Combat developed by our own Optimum Studios - a groundbreaking Meta virtual reality project from a groundbreaking college: Optimum College. OPTIMUM is the first narrative & episodic, creator driven video game, and the first real fighting game for VR platforms. Each month Optimum College releases new episodes of OPTIMUM, developed by our members & team, and featuring real-world creators playing as the myths and legends of every timeline.

     OPTIMUM is not just a video game. It's a story & universe where the myths & legends of every timeline are real. Athena, Mars, Hercules and countless more. After endless war, an agreement had been made: one name from each of the warring civilizations would compete for the Seed of Life, the right to grow the next scale of the universe's fractal plane. The stakes could not be higher. Despite all human reason, one of the Fallen is competing with aims of destroy the seed and resetting all time & space in a big bang. The only thing standing in the way is an optimist: YOU. So, are you ready to be optimum? Optimum Championship does not collect user data & you can view our privacy policy here.    

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